You can choose to have a re-branded portal for your institution which is highly customized as per your Institution's needs.  The institution is provided with a unique site address of the form "". The 'name' part is the same as the name part before the institution's .edu address. for example, Montclair University's website address is

   The following is a list of elements that can be customized in the branded site:
  • Domain:  The institution will be provided a domain of the form The part of the domain will match the domain part of the .edu domain name. Users can go directly to this site to access and view the repository materials.
  • Customized colors:  Pick and choose which colors and logo should appear in the homepage of your branded site instead of the illumira logo
  • Login link customization. The login link in the illumira website takes the user directly to a list of institutions that the user has to select and then the user is re-directed to his or her Institution's login page. With the branded site, the login takes the user directly to the institution's login page and is a better user experience.
  • Search customization: With the branded site search results only yield results from the particular institution's repository data and not the entire illumira repository
  • Homepage features: 
    • Featured videos slider: Pick and choose which videos to feature in the featured videos list
    • Featured Collections: Pick and choose which collections to feature. 
    • Collection structure: Display your institution's collection structure right on the homepage
    • Browse Videos: The videos page shows the most popular series, genre and subjects from objects within your repository, not the entire illumira repository