Where: Go to Admin dashboard > In the left-hand menu click 'Branding options' > click on 'Configuration tab'

Below are some of the options and what they mean:
  • Repository Label: Specify a custom the header text in for the index page. The default header text is "DIGITAL MEDIA REPOSITORY"
  • Description text: The description text customization option allows a user to modify the description shown on the homepage.
  • "Select Collections to be featured": This option allows the administrator to pick one or more collections that are to be featured in the homepage. Click on 'Add/Edit' to select the collections from the collection tree. 
  • "Select videos or annotations to be featured":  Add videos and annotations that you would like to be featured. These will appear in the slider at the top of the page under the menu and search bar. To add a video enter the pid of the video. The pid of the video is of the form njcore:xxxxx. The clip is usually a number. To remove a video or a clip simply click on the 'x' next to the particular video or clips. 
  • Include illumira Commons videos in search results:  The illumira Commons is a information rich video collection of educational and research value contributed from various educational institutions. If you would like to make these available to the Institutional users when they search for videos, you can select this option.
  • Show Commons collection widget: When this option is selected the illumira commons collection is added automatically as a featured collection 
  • Show latest videos widget:  Enabling this will list the latest videos from all of your collections to be shown in the featured section.