The FTP browser allows users to upload videos from their FTP server locations in an easy to use interface. Selecting a file from the browser will automatically generates the link for the selected file. 

To access the FTP Browser simply select the HTTP/FTP upload option from the upload screen. Then Click on the FTP Browser button.

The FTP Browser window will open up on clicking the FTP Browser link.

Description of the fields:

  • HostTo connect to an FTP server, enter the address of the server into the host field here (e.g.
  • The protocol i.e (FTP) is automatically entered for you. If the FTP connection is secure (SFTP) then check the "Use SFTP " box.
  • The address in the host box automatically changes the address prefix to SFTP (e.g. s Please note that not selecting the SFTP check-box prior to entering the address will require you to input the address again. 
  • Port Number: Enter the port of the server into the port field if it is not the default port (21 for FTP, 22 for SFTP).
  • Initial Directory:  A user can choose to specify an initial directory if needed. The directory must be specified with the complete path to it. 
  • Username: If a username/password is required, enter the ftp username
  • Password: If a username/password is required, enter the ftp password


Note: For security purposes the final URL that is created upon submission of the media file is not visible to the user.