Amara is an award winning subtitling toolset that enables you to create, edit, and manage production ready subtitles more easily and at remarkably low costs. This article describes how to use their free service to create captions for your videos. Please note that they also have a paid service for creating user-generated captions.

A link needs to be generated so that Amara can pick up the video from the illumira repository. To generate this link go to the admin dashboard, click on Videos and select the video that you would like to create captions for. 

A dialog box will open that has a link. Copy this link to your clipboard.

Login to Amara or go to and enter the URL in the text box and click on the 'Begin' button. 

Amara will guide you through the captions creation process. Once completed, select SRT as the format you want the results as. Copy and paste the captions into a new file in your computer. 

Add this SRT file back to the video and the captions you created will show up in the player.