A illumira collection is a group of media resources that are related to each other in some identifiable way. The relationship might be through a topic, a place, a person, a department or organization or a type of object. It is brought together for a particular audience or to serve a specific function.

Access to Collections:

This setting determines who has access to see the contents of a collection. Administrators and collection managers can specify individual users, institutional groups who will be allowed to see the collection contents after logging in. In addition to individual users and groups collections can also be shared with the entire institution (so that any user from that institution can log in and view the collection contents) and kept private or public/open to everybody. However please note that this permission is only restricted to access to the collection and does not extend to access to individual media items.

Listing property of collections: 

Administrators and Collection managers can specify if they want a collection to be listed on the website for other users to see. This permission can also be given to list specific collections only to users who have access to them.

Collections have the following listing and visibility options

  • Inherit permissions:  When selected this permission will only let users who have access to the collection via the access permissions, see it listed on the website after logging in.

  • Listed: They are listed on websites

  • Unlisted: They are not listed on any website. These are hidden collections of media.

Note: Collection visibility does not affect the visibility or permissions of the videos that it contains. 

Collection Hierarchy:

Each collection has a parent collection and can have one or more sub-collections under it. The collection hierarchy can be modified at any time by the Institutional administrator. Institutional Collection Managers (ICM's) with collection creation ability can move collection within their assigned parent collections.
When a collection's parent is changed, the videos that it contains remain unchanged. Collection properties mentioned above can be inherited.

Collection permissions:

Institutional Administrators (IA's) and Institutional Collection Managers (ICM's) with collection creation ability can create and change collection properties. While IA's can create and modify collection properties anywhere within the institution's top level collection, ICM's can do so only under the parent collection that they are assigned to.

 Additionally Users who are assigned permissions to add media, manage users etc, can perform those operations on those collections. Users can be allowed to upload, manage other users' permission on that collection, and share media on a per collection basis.