Here are some best practices for managing your collections and their hierarchy:


  • If your institution has subscribed to the commercial video service, assign a collection to store those videos. Some Institutions have named their commercial video collection to the name of their library.

  • If you have integrated illumira with Learning Management Systems, it is highly advisable to point each LMS to its own collection. Uploaded videos from within the LMS can get added to this collection by default.

  • The collection structure should at some form represent the organizational divisions of each institution. User permissions are always collections-based and this structure will give some autonomy to each department or collection if they so desire in the future.

  • Assign a special collection for testing uploads etc and change the visibility settings to hidden so that these videos are not shown on web interfaces.

  • Educate your users on how to search for videos and find videos they may be interested in. It is not a good idea to tell users to go to page two in the collection list. Instead, point them to the URL of the video etc.

  • illumira Collection managers have the added capability to specify collection-level access permissions and can restrict access to specific users, groups or all users of the Institution. Additionally, collections can also be kept private as well and visible only to the collection manager and administrator. Similarly, the listing visibility of the collection on the website can be set to inherit or listed or unlisted