Flexible architecture: 

A repository can store more that one data format. The illumira repository can not just store video, audio, PDF and image files but also store associated resources such as supplementary documents, closed captions and other references and files. You can provide a rich metadata with any uploaded resource. All resources will have resource IDs and are searchable. All data objects are indexed to be fully searchable and retrievable. Your institution will not have to invest and several solutions for different data types and worry about integrating all systems.  illumira also provides a way to capture data from other data silos. 


From an archival point of view, it is always useful to have persistent URLs (urls that do not change over time). illumira provides a mechanism to do this. You can always replace the videos referenced in a digital video file, change your captions, add or remove documents within videos and all links will stay consistent. 

Genesis and Mission:

illumira was created with higher educational institutions and educational communities in mind. The team strives to cater towards solutions that meets the need of the libraries and academics. The service is provided by NJEdge.Net - New Jersey Research and Education Network - a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster collaboration and provide technology solutions to higher educational institutions. 
We welcome new subscribers from within and beyond New Jersey as we strive to make the service sustainable and cost-effective to our subscribers.

Flexible administrative Hierarchy:

illumira comes with an extremely flexible administration system to ensure that institutions with almost all administrative philosophies (highly controlled and user-defined) are met. Please discuss these options with our support team on how you can best setup illumira to meet your organizational needs. Having a central repository provides better controls and service from your information systems and technology administrator.or educational technologist.