1. Nominate a user as Institutional Administrator for the illumira account.
  2. Discuss with other groups on how its best to setup the collection hierarchy at your institution.
  3. Commercial video subscribers should nominate a collection where the commercial videos will be added to.
  4. Find out which department is going to handle the payment and billing aspects. A billing point of contact is required for illumira subscription
  5. Find out from your elearning or educational technologist if LMS integration is needed.
  6. Determine which collection will host the default published videos from within each LMS.
  7. Discuss and educate video encoding best practices with your media group. Faculty could use the automatic settings and not worry about the learning curve. Your media group on the other hand may need to know the precise encoding standards to optimize quality of your produced videos.
  8. Complete the subscription form when you're ready - see illumira subscription form