About student uploads

The student upload functionality allows for students to upload local content into their designated courses from within the Canvas environment. Even if this functionality is not activated for a course students can still add media into certain sections of a course where Canvas provides the rich text editor. (containing the illumira add media option)

Such sections include, but is not limited to: the discussion, comments and submissions sections (if enabled for an assignment) However in such cases students can only pick and choose media they have access to as owners or media shared with the entire institution. 


                 A sample student discussion section with the Rich text editor.


Enabling student uploads

To enable student uploads from within the LTI interface, the Institutional Administrator (IA) has to turn on this feature from the institutional profile menu item. (See the article View and Manage the Institutional Profile for details) Once the feature has been enabled, instructors will see a new "Course Settings" button that allows them to enable student uploads.

Once the "Allow students to upload media to this course" is checked, the students will get immediate access to upload media. The students that have access to the course will now be able to upload media to it. The student can upload media using the instructions provided for instructors. All the media uploaded by the student will be deposited directly to the default LTI collection selected by the institution at the time of setup. 

When the student uploads a media to the course, the creator of the media will be the instructor who enabled the option to allow student uploads. This is done for easy management, although the information about the student is logged and displayed. Also, the media is hidden from all the students in the course, unless the professor decides to show the media. Student media will have "(Student Upload)" appended to the title of the media in the course listing, for the professor to easily differentiate between his media and the student's. Also, media can be filtered by student uploads using the options provided on the illumira browser interface.