Accessing the illumira rich content tool

The 'illumira' link to embed content is available on any course page where users have access to the Canvas rich text editor. The tool link enables users to add an available illumira resource such as a video, audio, PDF or image which can then be accessed by students visiting the page. The resource is available within the interface and users do not need to separately log in to view the content.


The link can be accessed by selecting an assignment or discussion and selecting the 'Edit' option. 



Adding Media to an Assignment/Discussion


illumira media resources such as video, audio, PDF and images can be added to any course page by clicking on the illumira tool icon that appears in the Rich Content Editor. 


The user will be presented with a dialog box displaying the options to embed content into the page.

By default all the resources that has been previously uploaded by the user, as well as any resource that the user is a co-owner of are displayed here. The user can pick and choose to add the media or PDF resource within the course page. The user has the option to select the media frame size in that is displayed to viewers (small or medium-widescreen)

In addition to media listed under 'My Media', users also have the option to pick and choose files from other sources such as any created clips, any shared or institutional or publicly available media within the institution's collections. 

The 'Select a source' option displays the collections and available media that can be added. Users can choose from:

· My Media (default view): This option lists all the resources uploaded by the user or that to which the user is assigned as a 'co-owner' from the illumira resource permissions page.

· My Clips: These options will list all clips/annotations created by the user.

· My Favorites: This option lists all the illumira resources that have been bookmarked by the user as a 'Favorite'

· Specify illumira URL: Users can specify the URL of any illumira resource that is is accessible by them to embed them into the course page. Such titles may include resources shared with them by another user as well as any illumira content that is publicly accessible.

Copy-paste the media link into the text-box and click 'Submit'. The title will be added to the media list in the course.

· Pick a Collection: Users can click on this option to browse through institutional collections displayed as a hierarchical structure. The collections option lists all the institutional collections, containing media and all resources that are shared with the entire institution as well as specifically with the user. In addition instructors can also see listed any hidden/unlisted collections as long as they have access to (i.e. shared with) at least one resource in that collection. 

Using Search Functionality

Users can utilize the available search functionality to search for a resource within the selected category item.



Please note that the media will not be visible till the user clicks on the 'Update Assignment' option. The resource will then be embedded into the assignment and will be available for viewing to the class.



NoteAll resources embedded within a course will be listed in the illumira media browser tool available on the left menu. Media must be uploaded using the illumira Media browser interface before embedding it within an assignment.