About the illumira Canvas LMS tool


The illumira Canvas LMS tool allows users to upload and add content such as video, audio, PDF documents and image files to course content from within the Canvas interface. Course Instructors and Administrators can directly add the content to any of the course pages.


The tool consists of the illumira Media browser  which allows users to upload and manage content within the entire course. Using the illumira link available within the Canvas rich text editor pages such as assignment, discussion, comments etc. users can easily add and embed content.


A note on Student Uploads: By default the tool will only allow faculty and staff to upload content. To enable uploads for course students as well, administrators can enable the Student upload functionality for the specific LMS from the Institutional Profile Page, for more on this topic please see the relevant support article on View and Manage the Institutional Profile (for Institutional Administrators)


Steps before Installation


To begin with the installation the canvas administrator for the institution would require the:

1. Application Configuration (XML) file

2. Consumer Key

3. Shared secret

All of the above information will be provided by illumira to the institutions LMS administrator installing the tool. If this information has not been provided, please contact support@illumira.net to receive it.


Installation of the tool


In order to install the illumira tool globally, login in as administrator and click the "Settings" link in the left sidebar. Click the "External Tools" tab and click "Add External Tool".

Enter the Name (illumira), 'Consumer Key' and 'Shared Secret' values provided by illumira staff. For "Configuration Type" select "Paste XML" from the available dropdown options and paste in the XML text provided in the application configuration file by illumira.


Click 'Submit' once all values are provided.  The tool is now installed and ready to be used within the institution.  The illumira Media Browser tool, as well as the media button, will be available for all courses. Administrators can also choose to customize the tool availability on a course basis using the options available in the Canvas interface.