Media Browser tool

The illumira Media browser allows users to upload and manage content within the entire course in Canvas. 

The interface lists all resources available and uploaded within a course. Users can choose to sort the listing according to date and title as well as student and faculty uploads.


The browser tool is visible for faculty as well as students. Students viewing this tool would only see a listing of the media (unless student uploads are enabled), without any of the options available for administrators that are listed below.


Note: For more information on student uploads please refer to the support article - Enabling student uploads using the illumira Media Browser LTI Tool.

Media Playback: Click on any media title to view its description and play it.

Available interface options:


The following are the options available to faculty and administrators for the media listed in the interface.

Hide: The hide option if enabled would simply keep the resource invisible to all course students. Faculty/administrators would still be able to see the resource listed in the course.

Remove from list: This option will remove the resource from the course list permanently. However if required the resource can be added again to the list using the import media option.

Delete: This option is only available for media resource uploaded by the user. When selected the media resource will be deleted and removed from all assignments and courses that it is available.