The institutional settings page lets Institutional Administrators (IA's) view the usage and subscribed illumira profile as well as make changes to certain aspects of the subscription. 

By default all IA's should be able to view the 'Institutional Settings' menu option under 'Admin Dashboard'

Click on the option to view the Institutional Settings options.

The user will be displayed all available options under the sub-menu:

The following are the options available under the settings


  • Institution Name: Name of the subscribing institution
  • Institutional Administrators:  This options lists all the Institutional Administrators (IA's) email accounts that have been activated for the Institution.
  • Domain Name: The domain name of the institution is provided here for records.
  • Root Collection: This field specifies the root/parent collection that was created by illumira for the institution.
  • Users Collection: If the user collection has been created for user's personal collections
  • Entity ID: A record of the shibboleth entity ID for the institution (if applicable)
  • LOD Subscription / Commercial Videos Subscription: This check-box specifies the illumira services that the institution is subscribed to.
  • Storage Used: This graphic denotes the institutional storage allocated and used by all the resources for the institution. The data also includes the total number of media objects belonging to the institution.

Media Formats:

  • Allow uploads for PDF docs through the website: This feature when enabled, allows illumira users to upload PDF resources using the illumira website. The checkbox enables PDF support and feature set along with video and audio and images.

  • Allow uploads of images through the website: This feature when enabled, allows illumira users to upload images using the illumira website. The checkbox enables image support and feature set along with video and audio and PDF. 

  • Allow uploads of images from LMS: This feature when enabled, allows illumira users to upload images using the illumira LMS tool where installed. The checkbox enables image support along with video and audio and PDF. 


  • Show UserID’s/Username’s in reports: For views in the usage statistics report user ID's/usernames are not shown in the by default. However, the Institutional Administrator can choose to enable this default for the institution by changing the toggle option. Once enabled all users who have access to view the report will be able to see the usernames instead of the generic institutional term.

Branding Options:


  • FlexCaptions: 

  • Copyright: 

    • This field provides information on the user copyright permissions that have been activated for the institution. (For more information on the available options please contact us at

    • Copyright Administrator Email: Provides the institutional contact person to whom the copyright emails are notified to. 

  • Amara: 

    • Provides Amara URL in the Manage media option for a resource, should the institution wish to utilize the tool to create captions. 

  • LMS:
    • Enable student uploads in LMS: This feature when enabled allows students of courses in LMS systems that are integrated with the illumira plugin, to upload media into the courses. Please note that this feature can be controlled at a course level by the course instructors, who can enable/disable this functionality for their individual courses. For more information on this functionality please view the support article on 'Enabling student uploads' under the relevant LMS support solutions. 

  • Storage
    •  User Storage Allocation: This setting will enable user storage quotas across all users who have permissions to upload content. The administrator can specify any value above 2 GB. All values are in Gigabytes (GB)
      • Note: Enabling this setting and allocating storage might disable uploads for users who may have already crossed the storage quota threshold. Hence administrators are requested to consider this aspect before enabling storage quotas.