Administrators and regular users sometimes need to move a single or multiple media resource(s) to a different collection than the one the resource(s) currently resides in. Users can achieve this through the following steps:

Moving single/multiple(bulk resources) using the 'Media' interface

Users can move more than one media objects between the collections that they have access to, using the 'Manage Media' menu. 

Select the 'Admin Dashboard' menu from under the username, after logging into illumira

Click on the Media option menu:

From the listed media titles, select the desired media files that need to be moved to a separate collection 

Once selected click on the “Actions” button and select the “Move” option. Using this option users can move up-to 100 (using the 'Show 100' and 'Select All' ) objects at a time to a different collection. 

The user will be provided with the list of collections, depending on access permissions. Pick a collection from the list to move the selected media. 

 The user will be presented with a status dialog box that provides the details before the move confirmation.  If a media cannot be moved the details are specified in the 'Reason'  column.

Click on 'Submit' and confirm the move for the selected objects. Once the operation is completed users will see a confirmation message indicating that the selected objects have been moved successfully.

Moving a single object to a different collection using the Edit Object interface

Users also have the option of changing the collections that a media belongs to, from the Edit Object interface. 

Click on any media listed in the manage media interface to view its details. 

The user will be directed to the Edit Object interface for that resource.

Scroll down to the 'Publishing options' section. The 'Collections' field lists all the collections that the media is currently available under. 

Click on the 'Change' option to move or add additional collections for this object. Select a collection from the dialog box to move this object to the new collection. 

Once the collection has been moved, users will see the confirmation message notifying the change.

Note: Users can only move objects to collections they have access to upload content to, and not otherwise.