About the Commercial Assets and Licenses Report

Administrators, and library staff can view the complete listing of all the commercial media titles licensed by their institution using the Commercial Assets and Licenses Report. The report also provides information on when titles were activated or added to the institutions collections. The report is available by default to all Institutional Administrators. Additionally this permission can also be granted to a new or existing user by checking the View Commercial License Listing option in the Add/Manage Users interface. 

Accessing the Report

Users can access the report by logging into their account and selecting the 'Reports' option from the drop-down listing. The report can be viewed by selecting the Commercial Assets and Licenses Report under Report 'Type'.


Graphs and List Views

The report is displayed graphically as well as statistically for the users benefit. Users can toggle the available options to narrow down the vies to specific data should they choose to.

  • Graph View: This view lets users see the graphical representation of the report and any filter options that they might have selected. Users can choose to view data for the day, week or month as well as their variations. Users can also view the data for a custom time period. For a displayed graph users can break down data based day, month and year. The statistical data automatically refreshes itself to list the options chosen for the graphs. In addition users can also save and download the graph for further analysis.
  • Statistical View: The statistical view provides a list of the data represented by the graphs. Users can modify the displayed fields and add or remove the fields if needed. Users can also sort specific fields based on ascending/descending order. The tool lets users export the displayed statistics as a CSV file for further analysis.
  • Pie Charts: In addition many of the filter options also feature a drill down pie chart for the data set. These charts can be accessed by clicking on the pie chart icon under the available filter options



Available Filters and Options

Users can filter the displayed data for any of the reports based on the filter options available. Users can select one or multiple options within a field. The graphs and statistical data will automatically refresh based on selected options. The default listing shows all the titles that the institution has licensed to date.

When a user selects any of the filter options the data is refreshed and the selected fields are displayed as 'pills' on top of the graph for information. The user can click on a pill to see the selected options. To re-select a filter cancel a pill and select the filter options again. Users can also clear all selected filters by clicking on the 'Reset All' button.

A list of the available fields and their brief description is provided below: 

  • Publishers
    • Users can use this filter option to see the data for only specific commercial video collections/publishers.
  • License Expiration 
    • This filter lets the user specify the license expiry period that the commercial assets would be expiring in and display results accordingly, i.e. Perpetual, Expired, Expiring in 6 months etc. 

Exporting the MARC records for the displayed videos (Bulk MARC record export)

Users can use the interface to download the MARC records for the titles licensed by the institution. This bulk export tool allows users to receive an email containing the link to download and save all MARC records for the selected view. This feature can be used by institutions wishing to export MARC records into their library OPAC and other systems. To export the records for the selected view, click on the 'Export MARC' button. The generated file link will be emailed to the requester's account email address within 60 minutes. Please allow 10 minutes between two simultaneous requests.