About the Top Creator Report

 This reports provides institutional administrators with input on the top creators and storage used by content uploaders. It also helps monitor storage allocations that have been made to institutional users. Using this report administrators can quickly see which user has reached or exceeded storage quotas.

Note: Administrators need to activate the User Storage allocation from the Institutional Settings to see the storage quota fields.

Accessing storage used by content uploaders

The report will display all users who have uploaded content and the storage that they have used. The report also shows the number of objects that have been uploaded by them. For institutions that have enabled the user storage allocation feature, the report will also display the allocated storage and the percentage used. 

Sorting results

Results can be sorted in ascending/descending order for any of the displayed columns. Click on the sort button next to a column header to sort it accordingly. By default the items are sorted as per the total storage used. 

Available Filters and Options

Users can filter the displayed data for any of the reports based on the filter options available. Users can select one or multiple options within a field. The graphs and statistical data will automatically refresh based on selected options.


When a user selects any of the filter options the data is refreshed and the selected fields are displayed as 'pills' on top of the graph for information. The user can click on a pill to see the selected options. To re-select a filter cancel a pill and select the filter options again. Users can also clear all selected filters by clicking on the 'Reset All' button.


A list of the available fields and their brief description is provided below: 

  • Media Type: Specify "Video" or "Audio" or "Text (PDF)" or "Image" to see the statistics for the particular type of media.

  • Collections: This option lets users specify the collection(s) for which they want to view the data. The list, automatically generated, lets content uploaders and owners, view the collections that they can upload into, while Institutional Administrators (IA's), Institutional Collection Managers (ICM's) see the collections that they manage. Users can select one or multiple collections to view the relevant data.

  • Owner
    • Show only users who exceeded or reached storage limit: This option when checked, all users who have exceeded or reached their allocated storage. 
    • All Users (Default): This option, selected by default displays data for all of the institutions users. Users can uncheck this option to view data for a specific user-ID
    • Username: Provide the username of user whose viewing stats you would like to view. 
    • Domain: This information is already provided for the user.

  • Uploaded Platform: This option lets the user filter results based on where a particular media file was uploaded from. For example a file can be uploaded via website, or within an LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle etc.) 

  • Uploaded host :This option lets the user filter the results to a specific host from where the media was uploaded such as a branded domain name, LMS site or a lecture capture system such as techsmith relay.