Accessing the caption creator tool

The caption creator tool can be accessed using the illumira website using the Edit object page as well as from with an LMS resource through the illumira LTI tool. To view details on who can access the tool please see our support article on Accessing closed caption tools for illumira media resources

Accessing the caption creator tool for uploaded media from illumira 

Users having access permissions to the caption management and tool feature (discussed above) can use the edit object interface for a media resource and create and manage the captions using the tool. 

To get to the caption management page simply click on select Admin Dashboard from the drop-down menu under the displayed user ID. 




The User will then be directed to Dashboard page displaying all the available user options. Click on 'Media' link to view all uploaded/managed media content. 

Click on a media link to edit its properties. 




Select the Caption Creator Tool option from the drop-down under the Closed Captions pane.

You will be directed to the closed caption creator/ management page. 

Creating and Editing closed captions for uploaded media using LMS

Users having access permissions to the caption management and tool feature (discussed above) can directly create and manage captions for their media content from within a Learning Management System (LMS) environment. For LMS systems integrated with the illumira LTI tool, users using the tool to upload media into illumira can also create and add closed captions to them as well. 


To access the caption creator/ management page select the Manage CC option from the admin link on the player. You will be directed to the closed caption creator/ management page.

Managing created or added captions for media objects

  • Uploading Subtitles from local computer: Users can add closed caption files for their uploaded media content.  The captions will appear in the player and will be shown in sync with the video.

Note: Accepted input formats for closed captions are SRT and TT-XML formats

  • Creating closed captions for a media object: For media objects that do not have any closed captions associated with them the user can create a new caption file, by selecting the "Create a new draft" option. Users can create caption files and save them as drafts for completion at a later time if needed.


  • Editing and deleting closed captions: For media objects that have a previously created/added closed caption or a draft caption file the user will see all the added captions listed as per their labels.



With illumira support for multiple and multi-lingual closed captions a media object can have more than one closed caption file. For e.g. English, English SDH, French, Spanish, German etc. Using this interface users can delete or edit the existing captions for an object.

  • A note on draft versions of closed captions files: Users can create closed caption files and save them for completion and publishing at a later time. Such caption files are referred to as " Draft versions" A user can save one draft version for each media object. Every draft version caption file is unique to the user and to that individual object. 

Using the caption creator tool

Some of the features of the Caption Creator tool in addition to adding caption segments to media objects are:
  • Adjust delay time to captions (suitable while working with external caption files)
  • Ability to import existing captions (in SRT, TTML formats) created by external applications or services. The caption creator tool can then be used to edit captions and their timings.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to simplify the caption creation process
  • Import plain text transcripts and adjust start and end time for quicker creation of captions
  • The caption creator tool will automatically create WEBVTT caption format for showing captions on HTML5 player on mobile devices (phones, tablets)
  • Users can also provide caption text in different languages and can insert symbols with the provided onscreen multilingual keyboard
  • Export and download created captions.
  • Save drafts of captioning work to resume at a later time

Caption Creator tool options explained

The various caption options available are explained as below:

1. Playback options:

  • Pause/Playback: Pauses and plays back the media.
  • Replay: Restarts the media playback.
  • Replay from the set start time: If the start time of the segment is set then this option replays the media from the set start time.

2. Caption text editor options:

  • The caption text editor lets users provide the text input to the content spoken in the caption segment.
  • Users have the option to use formatting tools such as 'Bold', 'Italic' and 'Underline'  any text input in the text box
  • Users can also provide any special characters if needed into the text-box by opening the special character dialog box and selecting the appropriate character from there.

3. Start time/ End time options for the caption segment.

  • Lets users provide the start and end time to the caption segment
  • Set Current: Users can click on this option to set the time from the media scrubber location. 

Once the fields are entered the user can click on Save or Save and Add to add the caption segment. 

  • Submit:  Submits the caption segment. But leaves the text and timing values intact for further edits.
  • Submit & Add new: Submits the caption segment. Clears the text-box and timing values in the Start/End time text boxes.
  • Revert: Reverts the caption segment to the last Submitted state, undoing any updates made. Not applicable for caption segments that are 

    Submit & Added


4. Options available for created caption segments:

  • Select all segments: Can be used to select all caption segments with one click. 
  • Un-select all segments: Can be used to de-select all selected caption segments.
  • Add caption: Click on this option to add a new caption segment.
  • Split caption segments: Selecting a caption segment and clicking this option splits the caption segment into two separate captions. Can be applied where the caption text is very long. 
  • Merge caption segments: Use this option to merge two consecutive caption segments that are short, into one segment. 
  • Delete captions: This option deletes all selected caption segments. 
  • Insert before: This option lets the user insert a caption segment before the one selected, if applicable. It automatically loads the end time for the user. 
  • Insert after: This option lets the user insert a caption segment after the one selected, if applicable. It automatically loads start time and the end time for the user. The end time that is loaded automatically is the media end time. The user can modify this value and provide a custom end time according to the caption segment.
  • Add Delay: This option lets the user add a fixed time delay to the caption start and end times if needed.

5. Individual caption segments
  • These are the individual caption segments created by the user. Each caption segment has its own start/end time and associated text. 
  • Users can click on an individual caption segment to edit its properties with the options listed above. 
  • Click on the playback button next to a caption segment to play the media object starting from that segment. 
Note: If a user selects more than one caption segment the text editor along with the start/end time filed will not be displayed.

Creating captions using keyboard shortcuts

Users can use the keyboard shortcuts to quickly create and add caption segments. Using the suggested workflow listed below, any user can create and add caption segments to provide closed captions to a media object. 

Listed below are the available keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Pause/Play the media


Sets the start time to the caption segment


Sets the end time to caption segment


Save the caption segment


New line for caption text


Rewind video for 5 seconds


Rewind video for 2 seconds


Forward video for 2 seconds


Forward video for 5 seconds


Take focus out of text-box

Workflow to add closed caption using keyboard shortcuts:

Follow the steps in the order listed below to create and add closed captions to a media object. 

  • 3: Press this key to Pause/Play the media playback anytime.
  • 1: Sets the start time to the segment. 
  • 2: Sets the end time and places the cursor in the text-box (puts the focus on the text box). Type the required text for the caption segment.
  • Enter/Return: Save and add the caption segment. Also automatically loads and sets the next start time into the tool.
  • Shift+Enter: Allows a new line for caption text*.

*Optional step. (Recommended that a caption segment have maximum 2 lines per segment)

Importing closed caption files into the tool: 

Users can import any available closed caption files in SRT ot TTML formats and edit them before saving or publishing. 

Click on the Menu option and select the Import file link

Select Choose file and navigate to the folder where the caption file is located and select it to import.

Select  'Remove existing captions and add' or 'Merge with existing captions'

The user will be asked to confirm the request before proceeding. 

Once confirmed the imported caption segments can be seen added to the right side pane for additional modifications. 

Importing plain text transcripts and providing start/end time

Users can import plain text captions that may be present in a transcript file. Users can also input their own text on separate lines and provide timings to the lines using the caption tool.

Select Import Plain Text option from under the menu. 

Input or copy and paste each text in a new line, within the text box. 

Select  'Remove existing captions and add' or 'Merge with existing captions'

The user will be asked to confirm the request before proceeding. Once confirmed the imported caption segments can be seen added to the right side pane for additional modifications. 

The user can now provide associated timings to each caption segment.

Publishing captions

Once a user has completed adding or modifying all caption segments for the media title, the crated caption can be published so that its added to the media object and made available to users watching the media file. Users can publish more than one caption file for a particular media object. 

To publish a caption file, select the publish option from under the menu listed options.

The user is presented with the option to replace an existing caption file or to add the caption as a new file. 

The user is required to select the caption language and provide an appropriate label name to the caption. The label name is displayed to users as a choice when selecting captions during media playback. 

Once ready click on the publish option. The caption is now available for users to access while playing back the media. 

Caption draft file

When a user closes the tool the users work is saved as a draft automatically. This option lets users save the caption file as a draft that can be modified at a later time. 
Users have the option to either open another draft file for a different object or discard the current draft and start a new one. 

  • Open Draft: This option lets users see all the drafts that they might have created for different objects and resume work on them.
  • Discard Draft: The user can discard the current draft and begin a new version. 

Downloading a caption file

This option lets users download a caption file and save it to their local computers for reference. Users have the option to download either the SRT or TT-XML format.