Media uploaders/owners  uploading content as well as administrators using the Blackboard illumira LTI tool can now directly add, create and manage captions for their media content from within the Blackboard LMS environment. 

Add closed captions during media upload

Users can provide closed caption files during media upload using the 'Closed caption' option. Click on the Upload button to select the corresponding .SRT or .XML caption file from your device. 

Select the caption track language, the user can modify the suggested label name as well. If the captions are valid, the captions will be shown in the video player, once the media is available.






Creating closed captions for uploaded media

To access the caption creator/ management page hover mouse inside the video player and select the Manage CC option. 

The user will be directed to the closed caption creator/ management page. To view the steps for creating and adding closed captions please refer to the the article on the caption tool for steps on creating and managing closed captions.