Media Player



Once the Media Player is configured as a tool in the course

  • The media player tool allows an instructor to 
    • Upload a media file (video/audio) and show it in the course.
    • Select an existing illumira media resource and show it in the course
    • Select a media resource that was previously uploaded by the same instructor or is shared with the instructor.
    • Embed an illumira media resource using its URL.
  • When a student logs into the course, they see an embedded player and can playback the media from within the LMS platform.

Media Browser

  • The Media browser tool shows all media files that are associated with the course in a list format.
  • When a media file is added using the "Media player" tool, it is also shown in the Media browser tool as well.
  • The instructor can also add and remove media from the course using the media browser tool.
  • An instructor can allow student uploads using this tool.
  • Student uploads are shown with the "Student upload" tag next to the video.