• The Building Block WAR file and Key and Secret will be emailed to you once you complete all requirements of this building block.
  • If you are upgrading from a previous version of the building block, do NOT uninstall the older version of the Building Block or remove the older tools as this will render older tools obsolete.

To install the Building block, go to System Admin tab and then under the Building Blocks section, click on the 'Building Blocks' link.


Click on the 'Installed Tools' link


Click on 'Upload Building Blocks' and select the WAR file that was provided to you from your computer and click Submit and complete the installation.

A Building block called 'illumira Integration tools' or 'Merit Cloud Media Integration tools' should appear in the list of Installed Tools.


Click on the drop down menu item next to the tool and make it "Available". This can also be done after the Media player tool is configured.

Configure System Settings

Once the building block is installed, click on the "System Settings" button

In the next screen, complete the form fields with values specified below

1. Under Institution Details, enter the name and description of your institution

2. In the Services section, enable "Settings". (The Outcomes and Memberships services are not required)

3. Under "Other Options", select "Default Availability" as "Always on". The rest of the fields can be as is.

Click on the "Submit" button.