Once the Building block is installed and you have configured its settings, follow these instructions to create the "Media Player".

Click on "Register New Tool"

In the page that opens, complete the form fields as per the following instructions 

In the "Name and Tool" section, 
  • For the "Name" field, enter "Media Player" or "illumira Player". Merit Cloud Media subscribers can enter "Merit Cloud Media Player"
  • For the "Tool type" field, select "Media Player" 

In the "Connection Details" section
  • Launch URL: Enter the Launch URL that was provided to you in the email
  • Consumer Key: Enter the consumer key that was provided to you in the email
  • Shared secret: Enter the Shared Secret that was provided to you in the email

Click on "Submit"

Setting the Media Player data settings


Select the newly created tool and select 'Edit data settings' in the drop-down

In the "Context Data" section
  1. Check and enable 'Context ID' 
  2. For "Value to use for context ID", select "Course ID"
  3. Check and enable Context Sourcedtd, 
  4. Check and enable Context Title

In the "Personal Data" section,

  1. User ID select 'Required by tool'
  2. Value to use for user ID, select 'Username'
  3. Sourcedtd: Checked
  4. Username: select "Required by tool"
  5. Email: "Required by tool"
  6. User Avatar: Unchecked
  7. User Roles: Checked

In the "Role Mappings" section
  1. Course Builder, Grader and Instructor can be mapped to Instructor
  2. Student to Learner
  3. "Send administrator role" must be checked and enabled.

 Click on "Submit"

Setting the Media Player launch settings

Select the newly created tool and select 'Edit Launch settings' in the drop-down

  • Select Open tool in: Frame
Click on "Submit"

Configuring menu selections

  • Select the recently configured "Media Player" tool, and from the "Display on menu" menu, select "Build Content: Create Media"
  • Select the tool again and click on "Status" drop down, and select "Enable"
  • Review your settings to match what you see below


Confirm that the building block is available

Go back to the list of Installed Tools and click on the drop down next to 'illumira Integration Tools' and make it available if it was not set.