Searching for PDF text within a text resource using the illumira Search Option

A benefit of uploading a PDF resource using illumira is the text search capability that illumira provides. The text in the uploaded PDF files* is searchable enabling users to search for PDF text from the illumira search bar. Thus users can not only search PDF title and metadata but also any available text within the PDF document.

Searching for PDF text using the illumira search bar. 

When a search term is provided by a user the returned results can include references of the searched term in PDF text where applicable. 

Select the PDF text option to view the results related to PDF objects where the searched term occurs in the PDF text. Once selected the listed PDF objects reference the context where the searched term occurs within the PDF. Click on the desired object to view it. 

Searching for PDF text within a text document while using the PDF viewer
 Users can also search for PDF text within a document while they are accessing or viewing a PDF object. 

 To search for text while accessing a PDF object click on the full screen option on the PDF viewer widget.  

Click on the search icon to open the search-box. 

Input the required search term. Users have the option to search for a single word or a phrase. Users can also select if the search results should have the the same case as the search term. The searched term is highlighted for reference. 

Users can also choose highlight all occurrences of the searched term within the document. The arrow keys next to the search text box lets users navigate to the next instance of the search term occurrence.