The templates functionality allows users to create a prefilled form for the metadata page on adding PDF resources, and use it easily on different document uploads. Once a user creates a template they can use it to prefill all the entries on the 'Add Object' page including share, publishing and copyright options. 

              Note: Templates are based on object types, if a user creates a text type template it can only be used to upload PDF files. Similarly Video/Audio templates can be applied only on their object types.

              Once logged in, users can follow the steps below to create/edit templates. Select 'Admin Dashboard' from the drop-down menu under the displayed user ID.




              The User will then be directed to the 'Dashboard' page displaying all the available user options. 

              To create a new template and view previously created templates select the 'Template' menu item from the 'Media' menu option. 




              All the templates that users may have created before will be listed on this page. To create a new template click on the '+Create Template' option.

              Required fields


              Enter a suitable template name and provide a title for the PDF resource.

              Note: The template name is the only mandatory field that is required. All other fields are optional and based on user preference.





              Next enter the fields that the user would want the template to contain. 

              Information on available fields:


              Description :  The user can optionally provide additional associated metadata information from this tab.  Users have the option to provide additional title, description, subject and contributor information here. (To view detailed list/explanations of all options please view the Metadata and Rights information support article)


              Rights: This tab allows the user to provide copyright information as well as specify information on the availability of the PDF object. 

              Publishing : This tab allows the user to set expiration dates, specify additional owners as well as enable the PDF resource for search listings. To view all the details for these options please view the support article Publishing Options in Depth.

              Sharing Options: This option allows the user to set viewing permissions on the PDF objects that will have the template applied on them. The user can choose to make a  resource private, share it with s specific users or group, share it with the user's institution or make the resource public.


              Users can enter information in any of the above tabs and save the entries. The data will be saved and applied to any media to which the template is applied.


               When ready, click on 'Save Template' option. The template is now saved and ready for use. All the templates created by the user can be viewed from the Manage templates page. Clicking on a template will allow user to edit its properties.



              Note: Users can only see and use templates that are created by them. Templates cannot be shared or viewed by other users in the institution/group.