PDF resources added to the repository are by default,  accessible by just the owner (and additional owners, if any). This state of the permission is also referred to as the media file being 'Private'.

Access to PDF objects in the repository can be permitted to one or more of the following:

  • Specific users in your institution
    • Named users (Usernames of the user is specified)
    • User Groups (the name of one or more previously created name of a group can be specified)
  • Specific roles (faculty, staff) in your institution
  • Everyone (Public)

1. Selecting sharing permissions while adding media to the repository

In the 'Add PDF' page you can do this by selecting the 'Sharing' tab and selecting one of the sharing options

2. Specifying share permissions in the video list after the media has been uploaded

You can easily share a video from the list of videos displayed on the 'Manage Videos' page.
For every video you should see a Share' button. 

Clicking on the share video button will open up a dialog box where you can set choose share options

3. Specifying share permissions in the video properties page 

A video can also be shared from from within the Video details page. Simply click on the Share options button and select the sharing  permission you want to set for the video. Under Publishing options for the video, click the 'Share' button. 

4. Changing permissions in bulk for multiple media files 

In the "Manage Videos" page, select multiple  videos by clicking on the check-box next to each video and then click on  "Actions" and then select "Share"
This will show the sharing options dialog box. Selecting the options will change the sharing options for the videos selected.