The Bulk PDF upload interface enables users to upload more than a single PDF file at a time. To start, users need to log into illumira using their credentials. Once logged in, users can follow the steps below to bulk upload media content.


Select Admin Dashboard from the drop-down menu under the user ID.


The user will then be directed to  Dashboard page displaying all the available user options. To batch upload content click on the appropriate bulk upload link available to the user. The user has the options to upload video, audio, image and PDF files using the bulk upload process.

Alternatively the user can also select the Bulk Import option from under the +Add Media drop-down in the Media dashboard menu. 


Select the Type 'Text' option from the dropdown to begin uploading the PDF files. There are three options available for users to upload PDF files in bulk. 

1. Upload files from your computer :

  • Users can select and upload PDF files located in their local computers using this process
  • The file name is used as the name of title for the uploaded resource.


2. Select files from a FTP server

  • Files that are in a FTP server can be browsed and imported to illumira.
  • Users can upload files in a single batch process using this method

3. Uploading through a CSV file

  • Users can use a CSV template to provide file information and location to batch upload content.
  • Information such as title, description, subject and other relevant metadata can be provided along with the media content. 
  • Users can upload files in a single batch process using this method