About Lists (Playlists)


Lists (Playlists) are user created media and or PDF resource lists that can be viewed as a single collection of items, additionally the audio/video items in a list can be played in a sequential or shuffled order. Users can create lists (playlists) comprising of entire media and PDF resources as well as annotations of existing media.

Accessing a List item

Once logged in, the user can find a menu item called  'Lists (Playlists)' below the displayed username. When selected, the user will be taken to a page which displays all the lists (playlists) that the user had created in the past.


Select a list item to view the contents. 

Viewing a list item containing media and document resources.

When a list item consists of media resources or a combination of media and PDF resources users will see a 'Play' icon just below the list name. Clicking on the play link lets users playback the media elements of the list in a sequential or shuffled order as per the users preference. 
This play icon is not visible when the list item contains only PDF resources.