Sharing Clips using its link

Sometimes instructors might want to share smaller segments of full length media resources easily with students and other users. In such case users can create and share clips using its link.

Users need to log in to illumira using their credentials to access any previously created clips. After login click on the Clips link from the username drop-down.


The user is provided with a list of the title and description of all previously created clips. Users can sort the list based on 'Title' or 'Last Added'


Click on the clip title to playback and get its link. Copy the hyperlink in the browser address bar to obtain the clip link. The link can be shared with other users.

Note: To playback any clip that is shared the user may be required to login to illumira. Users are requested to ensure that access permissions to the original illumira media resource have been given to any intended viewers of a shared clip. 

Embed a Clip Using its Embed Code 

While viewing a clip users can also use the Embed code functionality to generate the embed code for the clip. The code allows users to embed the clip on a different webpage,  blog website etc. 

To generate the embed code, click on the Embed link and select the Generate link after making all the choices as required. The options available to the user are:

  • Align-middle: If the user wants to align the embedded video at the middle of the page he/she can choose to do so by clicking on the Align-middle box.
  • Size: Select the size of the frame of the video player. The default player size is 360x240 pixels (widescreen)
  • Start playing the media file automatically: Select this option to have the media file played immediately on the webpage as soon the webpage loads. (Not available when the Include Thumbnail as a splash image option is selected. )
  • Include Thumbnail as splash image (Default): Display a Thumbnail  (Include Thumbnail as splash image).
  • Show captions by default (Default): The user can uncheck this option if the media file is to be played back by default without the captions that may exist for the title. In such case any person accessing the title would have to select the caption file for it to be displayed.   

Click on 'Generate' to generate the embed code.


Users can copy and paste this code to embed the media to any webpage or blog or Learning Management System. If the media resource is protected, appropriate message is displayed and the user is asked to login before access.