Users can upload image files in bulk using a CSV file template with all the relevant information.  




The following are the fields that can be provided in the CSV file:

  • Title: Specify the title for the uploaded file
  • Master: The user will be providing the HTTP/FTP path of the file. 
  • Series Title: If the titles belong to a series, the series can be provided here.
  • Abstract: Allows the user to provide a description metadata to accompany the media content.
  • Subject: The user can provide the subjects that are related to the title being uploaded to aid content discoverability.
  • Language: The media language will be specified here.
  • Target Audience: The User can specify target audiences (Adult, Higher Education, College, K12, Educator, Special Audiences, Vocational, Male, Female)
  • Contributors (Personal): Users can specify the human contributors to the title. Provide the Name, Last name, Affiliation, and role. Separate different people with a semi-colon(;) The syntax will be in the form of - Last name, Name M.I, Affiliation, Role; 
  • Contributors (Organization): Provide the organizational contributors of the title if available. Multiple entries will need to be separated by a semi-colon(;)
  • Note: Specify any notes related to the title such as bibliographic history, awards, ISBN numbers etc. 
  • Publisher Name: Specify the Publisher name if available.
  • Copyright date: Specify a copyright date in the format yyyy-mm-dd if available.
  • Playlist: The user can add the media to any existing or new playlists. If a new playlist name is specified the playlist(s) will be created automatically. If an existing playlist name is specified the title will be added to that playlist. The names need not be case sensitive. 

  • Follow the steps included in Bulk Uploading of image files - Introduction, and then select the 'Upload CSV file' option.

  • Browse to the folder or directory that has the file, select the CSV file and click on 'OK'

In the next screen, select the collection and publishing options for all of the image resources listed in the CSV file. The following are the options available under the Publishing tab:

· Expiry Date: Choose a date after which the media will no longer be available for viewing.

· Additional Owners: Specify additional owners (if any) for the media. One or more additional owners can be specified (userID’s should be separated by commas). The additional owner of the media has permissions to edit and / or delete the media. They do not necessarily have to be added to be registered users of Learning on Demand to have their userID in this field, but the user MUST be a registered illumira user to manage the media.


 ·  Add to list(playlist): A list of playlists that the user has already created will be displayed. The user then selects one or more playlists from the lists and the media will be immediately added to those playlists. Users can also create a new playlist by entering it in the textbox below the list and click on "Add" and then the "Submit" key. Note: If a user selects a playlist or inputs a playlist name, all the titles on the CSV will be added to those playlists. To add individual titles to playlists specify them on the CSV file as mentioned above. 


· Search / Discovery Option: Allows a user to control the visibility of the uploaded  media on the website. Users will first have to select a collection to view the permissions available in this option. 

· List media in public searches and listings: Select this option to make the media visible in collection listings, search results and others. Note that this does not change the view permissions on the media itself. The media is usually listed with title, description and thumbnails in various listings.


· List media in searches for authorized users only:Selecting this option will make the media visible in collection listings to those users who   have access to 'view' the media (i.e. access given by sharing media with that user/users or a group or institution). For example, if a media that is being uploaded has group "CS101" assigned to it, then all members of the CS101 group will find this media in their collection listing or search results if they search for that media.


· Unlist media from search and listings: The media is blacklisted from collection listings and search results.

Upon sharing and submitting the media, the user will be taken to the bulk upload status page displaying the status of the background processes.