The share options allows the user to specify who has access to view the image resource.

The options available under the share dialog box are as follows:


  • Private: The selected image resource is private. Only the user who uploaded the resource (i.e. the creator)  along with illumira administrators of the institution and collections and any assigned additional owners of the resource will be able to access the image resource. 
  • Share with Users:  The user can specify a list of usernames or userID of the institution that can access the selected image resource.
  • Share with Groups:  The user can share the image resource with a previously created personal or institutional user group. To read more on groups click here (insert link). 
  • Everyone at my Institution. Selecting this option will give access to the PD resource to everyone from users institution. The users can log in and access/view the image resource.
  • Public: This option will make the image resource public.  Users can access the image resource and view it without the need to log into the illumira platform.


Note: Some users may not have the public option if the administrator has not granted a user 'Share with public' privilege.