To Embed a image resource, click on the Embed link below the image viewer.


A dialog box will be displayed with several options

  • Size: Select the size of the image frame that will be displayed to the users. The default frame size is 360x240pixels
  • Align-middle: If users want to mid-align the embedded image viewer they can choose to do so by clicking  on the Align-middle box.

Click on 'Generate Code' to generate the embed code.

Users can now copy and paste this code to embed the image resource to their webpage or blog or Learning Management System.
If the image resource is protected, appropriate message is displayed and the user is asked to login.

Note: If your institution already has LMS  integration with illumira, it is highly recommended that you use the illumira LMS tool within your LMS instead of the following steps to embed an image resource in the course. 

While embedding a illumira image resource it should be noted that any copyrights that may exist on the image resource are still applicable and should be observed.