Any metadata that is provided to a image resource will enable users to search for the image object. Such metadata can include title, description, genre, contributors, publishers, and subject terms keywords.

A search box is available on almost every page on the website at the top right hand side of the page. The site will query the repository for the search query across all metadata stored along with media in the repository. Users can also filter their search to narrow down, to the exact item they are looking for.



 Type the search term in the search box. Based upon the searched content, the search box displays suggested terms as a dropdown. Users can choose to select the appropriate option.

  Click on the search button next to see the displayed search results.

 The search results filter options display where the term was found within the image resource i.e. title, abstract, subject, genre etc. 

 Users can refine/narrow the search results by selecting any of the filter fields. Please note that clicking on the "refine your options" will perform an "AND" with the original query. The search results are dynamically refreshed based on the user's filter selections.


Some of the available options in search are:

· Ability to limit search within a collection, subject, genre, publisher etc.

· Ability to limit search with categories (full-length videos or clips)

Users can also narrow the search by clicking on the hyperlink filter options on left hand side pane. These options when clicked will let users check for a term that includes their original search term and the option they clicked. Thus users can click on a specific Subject, Series, Genre, Contributors as well as Publishers and Collections.  


Users can also limit the search results to display only the content that is available for their institution by clicking on the 'Show only the content I can access' option. However users have to log in to view the filtered display.