The illumira Media Player tool available on a course page enables users to upload new media or PDF or image file add an available illumira media resource which can then be accessed by students visiting the page. The resource is available within the interface and users do not need to separately log in to view the content.

To access the tool within the course, click on the 'Content' option.

The displayed Media Player tool allows users to upload content within Blackboard.  


Uploading an image file and sharing it in the course

To begin uploading a new image resource, select the Upload option from the interface.



A brief description of the options available is provided below:

Source : The source tab allows the user to specify where the system should pick up the image file from.

  • Upload from device: Users can upload a image file from their computers, tablets and phones using this option. To begin uploading a file, click on the 'Select a file' option. Additionally if the device browser supports HTML5, users can also drag and drop a file into the highlighted area to initiate the upload. Please do not close the browser tab till the upload process is completed.
*Only when the device browser supports HTML 5. Not valid for Internet Explorer version 9


  • HTTP/FTP URLUsers can also upload a image file using an HTTP/FTP link that points to the file.

  • Using the FTP Browser: Click on the 'FTP Browser' link. A dialog box will open where the user can specify the host and other information of the FTP server. Click on 'Connect' to connect to the FTP server. A list of files in the FTP server will be shown. Navigate to the directory/folder and select the image file to upload.

Title: Enter a suitable title for the uploaded image resource.

Abstract / Summary: This text box allows the user to provide a image file description and related information.

Collection Information: Users who have been provided permissions to upload in a specific collection or collections in illumira can choose a collection here. The collections a user can upload in illumira are automatically detected and displayed in the drop-down list. However, if the user is a new user then the uploaded image resources are automatically deposited in the institutions default collection. The default collection is specified by the institution's illumira administrator.

Send email notifications when media is available to view: Sends out an email to all specified email addresses notifying the availability of the uploaded resource.


Importing a previously uploaded or shared image resource

Faculty/Administrators can use the 'Pick Media' option to select image resources which are available for them and add them into the course.

In addition to any image resources listed under 'My Media', users also have the option to pick and choose files from other sources such as any bookmarked resources, shared image resources etc.

The 'Select a source' option displays the collections and available media that can be added. Users can choose from:

· My Media (default view): This option lists all the media and image resources uploaded by the user or that to which the user is assigned as a 'co-owner' from the resource permissions page.

· My Favorites: This option lists all the media and image  resources that have been bookmarked by the user as a 'Favorite'

· Pick a Collection: Users can click on this option to browse through institutional collections displayed as a hierarchical structure. The collections option lists all the institutional collections, containing media and all image resources that are shared with the entire institution. In addition instructors can also see listed any hidden/unlisted collections as long as they have access to (i.e. shared with) at least one media object or image resource in that collection.



Using Search Functionality


 Users can utilize the available search functionality to search for an image resource within the selected category item.



Embedding an existing illumira image resource using its URL


Users can specify the URL of any illumira image resource that is accessible by them to upload them to the course for the students to view.
Such titles may include image resources shared with them by another user as well as any illumira media or image resource that is publicly accessible.
Copy paste the media link into the text-box and click 'Submit'. The title will be added to the media list in the course.


Managing uploaded image content


An image resource uploaded into a course section can be removed using the "Remove Media" option available under the Action drop-down. Click and confirm to remove the resource from within the course and upload a new file. 

Instructors also have the option to get the media URL by using the Copy URL option available within the interface. This allows easy access of the media URL to link them into a different course if required.