About the list for images functionality

Using the lists feature, users can create image galleries which can be viewed and shared. To create an image gallery add image resources to a list as described in the article Adding a media resource to a list (playlist)

Access the created list comprising of images from under the Lists (Playslists) menu item as instructed in the article Accessing and Viewing a List (Playlist)

Viewing of the images in the list gallery

When a list item contains only images, the resources are displayed in a gallery view to any users accessing the list.

Users can choose and select the thumbnail size and the view based on preference by selecting the 'View' options

Sharing of the list

A list can be shared with other users by using the URL for the list and sharing it. Select and copy-paste the URL for the list from the browser address bar and share it with other users. 
However do note that share and listing permissions for the original object are still applicable and users are requested to ensure that any viewers of a shared list have appropriate permissions to view them.

Embedding a gallery list item

Users can also embed an entire list of images using the 'Generate Embed Code' functionality that is available for the list.

Users can select the embed code size (default is 360x240 px widescreen) according to requirements and generate the code. The code can then be copied and pasted into a website or blog page. 

Once embedded the list items would be displayed as below, users can navigate and select and view different images in the list. :