Administrators can re-send password creating instructions to new users that were added to illumira. This feature is useful in cases where the user would want to account creation instructions sent to a different email address or expiry of the initial account email. 

To resend the account/password creation instructions navigate to the users profile as described in the Managing Existing Users page on the admin dashboard.  

If the user has not created a password already the administrator will see a link to resend the instructions. Once clicked the user will get the email to setup the account. 

If the administrator wishes to send the email notification to a different email address they are requested to update the Email field where the setup email would be sent, and Submit the form after which the Resend Password link can be clicked. 

Please note that this feature is not available for users that have already created a password and wish to reset their passwords. Those users can utilize the password recovery instructions under  the "Forgot your password?" link from the login page.