Users can filter search listings based on preferences to narrow the displayed results and to improve relevance. Please note that clicking on any of the the refine options described below will perform an "AND" with the original query. The search results are dynamically refreshed based on the user's filter selections. 

Search Options and Refining Search

  • Add Additional Keyword: Users can specify additional search keywords to add to the search query. Users can either choose to ADD a new keyword or use the NOT function to display results filtering out the NOT keyword. Users can input a keyword and select the Submit option to refresh the search listings.  

  • Filtering Video, Audio, PDF and Images and Clips: Users can filter the displayed results to a particular object type. On the search results page the user can choose one or more of the object types. Users can further breakdown the displayed results and filter them based on where the search term occurs within the resource i.e. title, subject, description, contributors, captions, and annotation title and description. 

  • Refining Search based on Access: Using the 'Show only content I can access' option a user (after logging in) can filter the search results to display ONLY the content that they have access to (via direct sharing with them or if shared with the institution they belong to by the content owner/admin) When checked this option will refine the search result and display a modified listing with only content that the user can access/view.

  • Show Commercial Media: This option lets users filter the displayed search to only include media content that can be licensed by institutions from commercial video vendors hosting their content on illumira. Libraries can utilize this feature effectively to view only licensable content.


  • Search media resources using closed caption text
    •  If closed captions are available or added to a resource, the text within the captions will instantly be indexed and searchable. End users can find a media resource using the text present in the closed captions for that resource.
    • Users will also be able to filter the search results for media content to display objects that have closed captions associated with them. This feature is presented as an additional search option under the Refine your search filter category. 
    • In search results, some media resources will have a "CC" message next to it to indicate that captions are available for viewing in the view page


  • Search Entire Repository: This option is available when a user performs a search from an institutional branded illumira portal. When a user performs a search on their home institutions branded illumira site the displayed search results are only content that has been uploaded to the institutions collections or any publicly available content. This option will let the user override that setting and refine the search to cover the entire illumira repository.