Refining search result based on resource metadata fields

Users can refine the search results based on content uploader provided metadata. Selecting the fields available under any of these headings will refine the search result accordingly. Users can filter search listings based on preferences to narrow the displayed results and to improve relevance. Please note that clicking on any of the the refine options described below will perform an "AND" with the original query. The search results are dynamically refreshed based on the user's filter selections.

The following are the options available to users
  • Subject
  • Series
  • Genre
  • Year Added
  • Year Created
  • Contributors and
  • Publishers

The user is also displayed the number of objects that may be existing within the search parameters in braces - for example Religions (1) 

The user can select one or multiple filter options, the listings will be modified automatically along with the updated filter fields.

Creating a new List(Playlist) from search results - Please refer to this specific article: Creating a new List(Playlist) from search results and collection listings