Users can edit the metadata for more than one objects that are displayed to the user from the Manage Media interface. The Manage Media interface enables users to see listing of uploaded content and edit their metadata in bulk. 

To start, users need to log into illumira using their credentials. Once logged in, users can follow the steps below to navigate to the media listing interface.

Select Admin Dashboard from the drop-down menu under the displayed user ID. 




The User will then be directed to Dashboard page displaying all the available user options. To view uploaded media content click on the 'Media' menu button.

The user will be directed to the Media pane which displays all uploaded/managed media that are available for the user. The type of content (video, audio, PDF, image) is denoted by the icon next to the media title.

Select the files for which the metadata needs to be modified.  Users can select all the displayed files as well. 

Select the edit option from under the actions link to begin the bulk metadata edit process.

The user will be directed to the edit metadata form


On this form the user is also displayed any common metadata that might exist between the selected objects.

Each metadata field needs to be selected and edited for its values. Once a metadata field is selected it is then available for editing. Users can edit metadata fields in each of the available tabs - Description, Rights and Publishing before saving the changes/updates.

The user has the option for certain fields to either add to the existing metadata or overwrite existing values and provide new ones.

Users can also use templates and apply templates on the metadata fields.

When all fields have been edited, cick on the Submit link to save the values. The user will be asked to wait while the values are being updated.