Content owners and administrators can  make in-place edits on metadata fields for PDF objects from the object administration on Manage Media screen. 


Accessing the Manage Media interface

The Manage Media interface enables users to view uploaded media content and edit their metadata and share/listing properties. To start, users need to log into illumira using their credentials. Once logged in, users can follow the steps below to navigate to the Media listing interface.

Select Admin Dashboard from the drop-down menu under the displayed user ID. 




The User will then be directed to Dashboard page displaying all the available user options.  To view uploaded media content click on the 'Media' menu button.


To edit metadata and other properties of any media resource that has been uploaded, click on the title link.


The Edit Object page is lets users to edit properties of the media object with regards to the uploaded media resource.

Editing the media metadata

The Metadata/Details pane allows users to edit any details regarding the media. Users can add or change content related to the abstract/description and rights related information of a mediaThe Details pane also provides the user with the URL to the media which can then be published or distributed to other users. On this page users have the option to in-place edit the Title, Abstract, Subjects, Genre, and Tags fields. 

To begin editing any of the above fields the user needs to hover their mouse near the field, the Edit option is displayed next to the respective field. 



Editing the Abstract, subject, genre and Tags field:

Users can provide and updated or replace the existing values for these fields. Select a field and click on the Edit link. Edit any fields as required and save.

Using the auto-complete feature:


The subject and genre field feature the auto-complete functionality based on the keywords that may have been used throughout the institution previously. 

Users can select any of the keywords and save the values as required.