Content owners and administrators can provide other users with closed caption creation permissions without giving them any other privileges on the selected media. This is useful in delegating closed captioning tasks to other users without giving them permissions to make any metadata or object edits.

The manage closed captions permission can be modified by a user from the Manage media interface. Users can either provide this permission individually or modify it from the bulk edit interface. 

Accessing the Manage Media interface

The Manage Media interface enables users to view uploaded media content and edit their metadata and share/listing properties. To start, users need to log into illumira using their credentials. Once logged in, users can follow the steps below to navigate to the Media listing interface.

Select Admin Dashboard from the drop-down menu under the displayed user ID. 




The User will then be directed to Dashboard page displaying all the available user options.  To view uploaded media content click on the 'Media' menu button.


To edit metadata and other properties of any media resource that has been uploaded, click on the title link.


Accessing the closed captions interface for individual objects from the Edit object interface

The Edit Object page is lets users to edit properties of the media object with regards to the uploaded media resource. The user will see the captions pane on this page. 

To add additional users to create and manage the closed captions for the selected media resource, select the Change link next to the Manage Captions Permissions option. 

Users have the following permissions in the dialog box:

  • Content owners only: Only the user who uploaded the video (the creator) and any assigned additional owners of the video along with administraators will be able to create and edit captions for the selected resource.
  • Allow users to manage captions: The user can specify a list of usernames or userIDs of the users of the institution who will be able to create and edit captions for the selected resource. The user can specify even a user that does not exist in the illumira user table allowing this functionality to be made available to any institutional user.
  • Allow groups to manage captions: The user can specify one or multiple groups who will be able to create and edit captions for the selected resource (Learn more about Groups)

Once the user permissions on captions has been provided click on the Save link. All added users will now be able to manage and edit captions for the media using the illumira caption creator tool. 

Accessing the closed captions interface for multiple objects through the Bulk Edit Interface.

Select the files for which the edit closed captions option needs to be modified.  Users can select all the displayed files as well. 

Select the edit option from under the actions link to begin the bulk metadata edit process.

The user will be directed to the edit metadata form. Navigate to the Closed Caption tab on the page.

The Manage Captions permissions field needs to be selected and edited for its values. Once the field is selected it is then available for editing. Users can edit captions options as described earlier before saving the changes/updates.