Users can access MARC and other records for all titles on illumira. Users are required to login before any records are displayed to them. 

Once logged in navigate to the video title that the MARC record needs to be accessed for.

The MARC records are available at the lower end of the metadata section under the metadata section. Users have the following options.

  • View MARC Record: Selecting this options lets users view the MARC record for the selected title.
  • View Full Record:  This option lets users view the complete records for the selected title including:
    • MODS records
    • DC record
    • TECHNICAL records
    • RIGHTS records.
  • Download MARC XML: When a user selects this option a copy of the MARC record can be saved to the users local device/computer. The record is in the form of an XML file. 

Note: Please note that for all user uploaded content the records will reflect the metadata provided by the resource uploader/owner/cataloger during or post the content upload into illumira. illumira does not assume responsibility for validity/correctness of such records.