The captioning integration can be enabled by Institutional Administrators from the Institutional Profile page. 

By default all IA's should be able to view the 'Institutional Profile' menu option under 'Admin Dashboard'



Click on the option to view the Institutional Profile page.

The FlexCaptions options to manage the integration's are as follows:

  • Approval Required: When checked enables moderators and Institutional Administrators to approve requests before they are submitted. RECOMMENDED TO BE CHECKED.
  • Moderators: Provide user ID's of all users who will be able to review/moderate captioning requests by any users. 
  • Users who can make FlexCaptions request:
    • All Users: When this option is checked any user within the institution who has uploaded content OR is a content owner/additional owner as well as any users who have been given the captioning permissions will be able to request captions through the service. 
    • Selected Groups: The IA can specify user groups whose members should have access to make captioning requests. 
  • Allow FlexCaptions service in LMS: The IA can check and enable captioning service integration for all LMS platforms that have been integrated with illumira for the institution.