Users with permissions to make caption requests will be able to access the option from the Manage Captions interface for a media file. 

Select the Make a captioning request under the FlexCaptions Service menu.

The user is presented with the request dialog box. 

The following are the options that are available to users here:

  • Original and Target Language: Under this option the user specifies the language the video is in and the desired closed caption text language. The language options available are:
      • Arabic
      • Chinese Mandarin
      • Chinese Traditional (Cantonese)
      • Dutch
      • French
      • German
      • Hebrew
      • Hindi
      • Italian
      • Japanese
      • Korean
      • Portuguese
      • Russian
      • Spanish
      • Turkish
    • The user can choose to translate a video from English to any of the above language, or from any of the above languages to English or that particular language.
    • Note: Depending on the source and target language chosen the user may be displayed with one or multiple fidelity options.

  • Fidelity: The fidelity options lets the user select the desired level of service and accuracy. Depending on the source and destination languages selected; the user can choose from the low cost low accuracy Machine generated captions to the high accuracy Professional option. The request will be priced accordingly. The following are the options available and a brief explanation:
    • Machine-generated (70-80% accuracy): This option will create machine generated captions for the selected file. Typical turnaround time is 3x the media duration or 2 hours max time. The accuracy of these captions are low - between 70-80 % contingent to video and audio quality. 
    • Premium (94-96% accuracy): This option will have transcriptionists create captions for the selected file. The accuracy of these captions are between 94-96 % accurate contingent to video and audio quality.
    • Professional (99%+ accuracy): This option will have professional transcriptionists create captions for the selected two passes improving accuracy. The accuracy of these captions is around 99% or more.

  • Turnaround Time: This options lets the user select the turnaround time for the selected caption request. Lower turnaround times will be priced higher accordingly. Depending on the Source/Destination language AND Fidelity selected the options available may vary. The following are the turnaround times available
    • 3 hrs (Premium/Professional)
    • 12 hrs (Professional)
    • 24 hrs (Premium/Professional)
    • 48 hrs (Professional)
    • 72 hrs (Foreign Language and Professional)
    • 96 hrs (Foreign Language and Professional)
  • Add Lower Fidelity captions when they are ready: The FlexCaptions service will return the machine generated captions withing 2 hours of caption request while it processes any selected higher fidelity captions, should the user wish they can choose to add these captions, Please note that once the higher fidelity captions are returned they will replace the mechanical captions that may have been automatically added earlier. 
  • Speaker ID: When checked the service will add Speaker Identification to the created closed captions. (Note: Additional costs will apply when this feature is used)

  • Note: The requester can leave a note for the transcriptionists with any special caption requests for the media file. 

Based on the options selected the user is presented with a calculated cost in US Dollars ($). The user is required to check the confirmation check-box before the caption request can be submitted. 

Select Submit to send the caption request to the moderator. The request is submitted and displayed to the user.