Institutional administrators and any users who have been given a FlexCaptions moderation role by IA's will be able to visit the CC Requests page on Admin Dashboard to view and approve all CC requests.  

Select Admin Dashboard from the drop-down menu under the displayed user ID. 




The User will then be directed to Dashboard page displaying all the available user options.  Select the CC Requests option from the dashboard menu.

The user will be directed to the captions requests page. 

The user has the following options to manage the view and features:

  • Time Frame: Filter the views to see requests made by time (month/year) 
  • Status: Filter requests by its status (Default value = Pending) - All, Approved, Rejected, Expired, Voided. 
  • Collection: The user can filter the collection and see the caption requests made in each collection by users.
  • Search: Users can search for caption requests based on the media title and requester user ID.
  • Sort by Date: Users can sort requests by date requested in the order which is desired. 
  • Export to CSV: The view that is displayed to user can be exported for additional processing. 

The user can select one or multiple objects and choose to Approve or Reject the requests. The user is presented with the total costs for the captioning tasks. 

Additionally the user can also view requests individually and Approve, Reject or Change them.

Changing Requests: The user can changed the request caption parameters such as Fidelity, Turn around time etc. The change is required to be submitted and voids the requester original request. The requester will however be notified of the change when its submitted via email automatically. 

Submitting a Request: The administrator can submit a request for closed captioning from this interface, based on the media URL. To submit a request select the Submit a URL option. 

Provide the illumira URL along with request options to submit a caption request.