Content owners can create and publish clips that can be accessed by users during media playback, these clips are available for all users that have access to the media file. The clip creation and publishing option is only available to users who have uploaded content into illumira and to illumira administrators for their respective media files

Difference between My Clips v/s Published Clips

My Clips creation option is available to any user that has access to view the media file. While all clips under My Clips are available by default to the user who created them, they can only be made available to other users by sharing their URL. 

Published Clips can created by content owners and administrators. They are available to any user having access to the media file and need not be shared explicitly. They are available to edits from under the Admin Dashboard interface. 

Creating Chapters/Clips

To create a clip/chapter for publishing it along with an existing video follow the steps as outlined below to navigate to the uploaded file and use the feature.

To start, users need to log into illumira using their credentials. Once logged in, users can follow the steps below to navigate to the Media listing interface.

Select Admin Dashboard from the drop-down menu under the displayed user ID. 




The User will then be directed to Dashboard page displaying all the available user options.  To view uploaded media content click on the 'Media' menu button.


To create the clips/annotations for an exisiting media resource that has been uploaded, click on the title link for that resource.


The user will be directed to the Edit Object interface.

Scroll down to the Publishing options tab. The Chapters option will be available to the user.

Click on the Add/Remove option. The user will be presented with the Add Chapters interface.

To set the duration for the chapter:

  • Select the start time of the chapter by dragging the media scrubber to the desired point and click on 'Set Current' next to the Start Time heading
  • Select the end  time of the chapter by dragging the media scrubber to the desired end point and click on 'Set Current' next to the End Time heading. The user can choose to not specify the end time if you want the chapter to continue till the end of the media duration.
Users can also manually provide a time in the hh:mm:ss format and then seek to that time if required.  Next provide a title and description (optional) for the chapter. 

Once all values have been provided select the Add Chapter link. The newly created chapter will be displayed on the right under Chapters. All created chapters are published instantly and can be accessed by users who are viewing the media file. 

Previewing created clips

Users can preview created clips, to preview a clip hover mouse next to the clip timings, and click on the Preview button. 

The player will go to the preview mode and play the selected clip. To exit the preview mode simply select any point on the video outside of the clip duration/time range.


Editing and Deleting Chapters/Clips

To Edit a created chapter/clip click on the clip title. The chapter timings and metadata are loaded and displayed for editing. 

The user can make edits to both the clip timings and title/description. To save the edits select the Update Chapter link. The changes will be saved and the clip updated. To cancel the request and create a new clip instead click on the New Chapter link.

To permanently delete a previously created clip, hover mouse next to the clip timings, and click on the Delete button. 

The user will be presented with a confirmation box to confirm the request. Select yes to confirm deletion. The clip will be deleted. 

Uploading media with chapter markers

If an uploaded media file has chapters already present in it, those chapters will be automatically imported in illumira and published chapters will be created for them. Such media include video created using tools such as Techsmith Relay which may have chapter metadata. The published clips/chapters will be available to all users that have access to the file.