Administrators and users with upload content permissions can create new and edit existing playlists from the Playlists tab under the Admin Dashboard. 

To view and modify existing playlists, select Admin Dashboard from the drop-down menu under the displayed user ID. 




The User will then be directed to Dashboard page displaying all the available user options.  To view existing lists/playlists click on the Lists link on the left side menu.

The interface will display all the lists that the user had created previously. The user has the ability to sort the list order by list name or by date of the list creation. 

Creating/Deleting Lists

To create a new list/playlist click on the
Create Playlist link. To delete any existing list(s) simply click on one or multiple check-boxes before the list name and  select the Delete link to delete the selected lists. 


Editing existing lists

To edit an existing list click on the list title. The user will be displayed the list contents. The contents are displayed as per their order in the list/playlist along with the title of that object. The icon next to the list name will display the resource type - video; image; document or clips/annotations.

Hover the mouse pointer to the beginning of the item that is required to be moved up/down the list order. The pointer changes to a multi-direction pointer, left click to drag the item up or down the list order.

Additionally users can also use the three links on the right side of a list item to change the item order or to remove the item completely from the list. 

Once the modifications are completed the user can click on the Save Changes to make the edits permanent. If needed users can also undo changes and start again or cancel the request completely to return to the previous screen.