Users can embed playlists into a different webpages, blogs, LMS course pages etc. The playlist items will be available to the user from the player itself even when the user users full-screen option.

Embedding a Playlist

Once logged in, the user can find a menu item called  'Lists (Playlists)' below the displayed username. When selected, the user will be taken to a page which displays all the lists (playlists) that the user had created in the past.


Select a list item for playback. For example if Carols List 3 is a media playlist created, click on that title. Ensure that the playlist does not contain other

Note: All objects in a playlist need to be media (video/audio) objects for the playlist to playback.


The playlist will start playback, beginning with the first item in the list order. 

To embed a entire playlist item as a resource into another webpage, select the Embed tab.

Users have the following options to embed the playlist. 

  • Select Size: Users can select the size of the embedded player that will be displayed on the page where the playlist is embedded. 
  • Start playing the media file automatically: Checking this box will playback all the files in the playlist  automatically upon page load of the webpage where the playlist is embedded. 
  • Show captions by default: Checking this box will show closed captions by default for the media files that are in the playlist (where captions are available) Keeping the box unchecked will allow the playlist viewer to toggle caption display for each item in the playlist.
Upon selection of the all the options, click on the Generate code link. The embed code is generated and can be copied and pasted into the webpage where it is to be embedded.