A playlist item that is embedded into a webpage will play all the media items in the playlist order. The title of the object that is being played back will be displayed on the top left hand corner of the player.

To view the playlist items click on the playlist menu button on the player. 

The menu expands to display all the items in the playlist. Scroll the list to view all items. To jump to a particular item, click on the item. Click on the X button to close the item list pane. 

Users have the option to access the playlist and also any published clips that the playlist item may contain. Additionally they can also toggle the closed captions if they are available and the playback speed of the media items. Users can also jump to the next or previous items in the list. 

Full-screen playback

 The user can also toggle the playlist during full-screen playback. Simply click on the playlist item menu button on the player during playback.The player will display all the items on the list, the user can toggle or jump to any video on the list as preferred.