Users have the following options during media playback:

  • Playback/Pause: Users can playback or pause the media file as required. 
  • Access Published clips: Users can click on the clips link to access any published clips created by the uploader as well as any clips created by the user. 
  • Volume control: Users can control the volume of the media file, clicking on the link users can also toggle muting playback.
  • Select media data-stream: Displays all available media bit-rates for the file being played back. 
  • Toggle CC: Users can toggle closed caption display and/or select a different language closed caption if it has been made available by the media publisher.
  • Playback speed: Users can control the playback speed by increasing or decreasing it. Note: selecting the 0.25x speed will disable audio for the playback. 
  • Playback pop-out: Users can pop-out the player on to a  new window. 
  • Resize/Full-screen: Users can resize the player to a larger player or toggle full-screen.
  • Chromecast (if available): The user can cast the video to a TV or a display device that is Chromecast enabled. Refer to the article on Using Google Chromecast to playback illumira video/audio content