Users can cast illumira digital media content such as video, audio and music files onto their television or playback devices that has a Google Chromecast connected to it (For more information on Google Chromecast please visit

To cast media content ensure that the Chromecast device is discover-able and/or connected to the same internet WiFi network. When a Chromecast device is available nearby the illumira media player will display a Chromecast button. 

To use the functionality, navigate to an illumira media resource and start its playback. Click on the available Chromecast button on the player right hand side and select your Chromecast from the display menu and wait for the content to start playing on your TV (or Chromecast connected device).

Users may continue to use their phone or tablet to perform other tasks while the illumira video is playing. To play, pause, or navigate with the scrollbar, use the device as you normally would to control playback. To stop casting and resume playback on your original device simply press the 'Cast' button once more and select Stop Casting.