NOTE: Before you begin setting up and installing the tool please have the Registration Link available

You can obtain your 'Registration Link' by contacting 

Installing the tool


Login into Moodlerooms as an administrator and navigate to Site Administration -> Plugins -> Activity Modules -> LTI

Select the option Configure a new external tool registration 

Input the tool provider name as illumira and copy-paste the Registration link that was provided by our support team

Select the following values under Capabilities (administrators can select multiple values here):
  • basic-lti-launch-request
  • CourseSection.label
  • CourseSection.longDescription
  • CourseSection.sourcedld
  • CourseSection.timeFrame.begin
  • Person.sourcedld
  • Person.webaddress
  • ResourceLink.description
  • ResourceLink.title
  • User.username

Select the following options under the Services field:
  • Tool Consumer Profile
  • Tool Proxy
  • Tool Settings

Once all the fields have been completed click on 
Save Changes. The new tool link will be displayed to the administrator. 
To activate the tool select the green check mark under the Action column and set it to available.

The user will receive a confirmation of the tool registration

Navigate back to the External tool types window and select the Pending tab there. The illumira Media Player and the illumira Media Browser tools will be listed under the Pending tab.

To activate both tools select the green check mark under the Action column and set it to available.

This completes the process for illumira integration and the tools should now be available for instructors under the course menu.